Das Brautstyling

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Braut-Make-up & Braut-Hairstyling




Wunschort für dein Brautstyling

24h Wimpern

349,00 €

Der Klassiker

 ein Styling deiner Wahl:

Braut-Make-up oder Braut-Hairstyling




Wunschort für dein Styling

24h Wimpern

239,00 €

Styling für deine Liebsten


59,00 €*


59,00 €*

    Make-up & Hairstyling

99,00 €*


35,00 €

*nur mit den Brautpaketen kombinierbar!

weitere Informationen:

- Das Brautstyling Paket beinhaltet ein persönliches Vorgespräch.

- Die Probe ist bei den Brautstyling Paketen mit inbegriffen und findet in meinem Homestudio statt.

- Das Braut Make-up beinhaltet auch die 1-2 Tages Wimpern.

- Am Tag der Hochzeit komme ich zu dir bzw. zu der gewünschten Location.

- Fahrtkosten werden mit 0,50 € berechnet (Hin-& Rückfahrt).

- Die Probe dauert ca. 90 min bis 180 min, jede angefangene viertel Stunde wird mit 15,00 € Aufpreis berechnet.

- Meiner Erfahrung nach solltest du am Tag deiner Hochzeit zwischen Ende des Stylings und Beginn der Trauung mind. eine Stunde für das Anziehen, Fotos etc. einplanen.

FAQs Brautstyling

What happens during the Bioclear procedure?

Firstly, any trace of plaque is meticulously removed painlessly with a special powder to ensure the tooth is spotless Then a special Bioclear transparent cap is placed on the tooth and the tooth shade matched resin is injection moulded onto the tooth. The resin is then set using a special high intensity blue light and the set resin is carefully shaped then highly polished to produce a totally blended final result that closes the gaps.

Can Bioclear be used instead of a veneer or crown?

Yes, the primary reason to opt for Bioclear® is that the treatment is so much more conservative, allowing the preservation of more natural tooth structure. Also, a crown is more at risk to recurrent decay. Decay starts at the edge of the crown and can progress underneath it if not addressed right away. Most crowns block x-rays from allowing us to see what’s happening underneath it. This isn’t the case with a Bioclear® restoration.

Why do I get black triangles?

Black triangles in teeth are often due to bone loss and recession of the gum line, or movement of the teeth after orthodontics (braces). They can make the teeth and smile look old. Those dark dental gaps can also be prone to accumulate food debris encouraging staining of the teeth and excessive plaque build-up.

Does it hurt?

Most Bioclear restorations are purely additive. This means they are painless to perform. However, if there are old or disoloured fillings where we need to work, we may need to gently place a local anaesthetic to enable us to do this. We also offer IV sedation for the most anxious of patients

How long does Bioclear last?

With proper care, your Bioclear treatment should last approximately 10 years or longer

How much does Bioclear cost?

On average, Bioclear is 25-50% less expensive than a porcelain veneer or crown

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